Curve 10 sample ideas and information

Showroom Samples

Samples are at times a challenge, as our boards are so long and wide. The curve effect takes some distance to become readily apparant. We will be creating a new 70 cm x 90 cm sample panel soon! Stay tuned for some photos.

Here are a few examples of what some of our dealers have done, along with a few sample options.

Available samples

* Sample Policy - full sets

Full sets can be shipped as follows; As they involve 10 boards, 4 m2 (40 sf), we will bill for the set or sets plus transport. The basic EXW price is around  350 euro or $350.00. We will credit this amount back to you against your initial order (not transport)


Belgium Wall Display

A 10 board module in all of its glory!

USA Floor Stand side view

This is a special making order ($)

USA Floor stand front

Special making ($)

Small Hand Sample

With curved lines display

Hand Sample Plain

Useful as a color sample

French wall sample

Plain and elegant

Spanish beauty

Subtle 8 board elegance

Curve 10 in the UK

Look what you can achieve with only 6 boards

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