Curve10 - our most popular product

Curved floors open doors!

Curve 10 – the timeless classic! 

Our modular 10 board system covers nearly 4 square meters (40 square feet)  and features long and variable width boards. 3.5-4 mm of European Oak mounted onto 12 mm of Baltic birch marine grade plywood ensures stability and longevity. The 16 mm (5/8") thickness is our standard. Choose your grade, your oil or lacquer color and we will create your masterpiece. Send us a DWG drawing of your project, and we will send you the very detailed installation plan, plus a quotation with the exact amount of wood, not a guestimate of a waste factor.




Curve 10

Natural RAB grade with natural semi-gloss OSMO

Beautiful loft appartment in Estonia

Curve 10


Comfortable room with Rustic RBC curve 10 floor finsihed with OSMO light grey

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