Spectacular Curved Edge Decking

Beautifully curved edge decking solutions that will blend with nature and beautify your exterior environment

Deck 6 Thermal Ash

Attractive curved modular thermal ash decking that will blend with nature and beautify your external environment. Featuring 21 mm thick boards with variable widths between 90 mm and 180 mm. The boards are all  an incredible 2400 mm long.

Deck 6 Exotic Species

In 2024, we will re-introduce our exotic line of curved decking. Stay tuned.

Both can be installed using the TENI clip system.



4est Deck 6 Thermal Ash


4est Deck Thermo Ash Deck 6 will bring you closer to nature

4est Deck 6 Cumaru

Magnificent in Mexico

Cumaru blends with nature and will hold up under any and all conditions.

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