Oil Finishes & Oak Grades

Soft appealing lines that follow the natural growth of trees

The choice is yours!

We can ship you our unfinished product, or in one of our many beautiful finishes in oil or lacquer. Our spectacular floors can be offered in our  3 Oak grades - Prime (prime/1bis/quoted based on availability), Natural RAB  (RA and RB mix which is most popular and is our base price), and Rustic RBC (RB and RC mix).

Oil finishes

Our most popular and frequently ordered colors are 3501, 3519 3543 and 3564. If required, we can color match on orders over 100 m2.


Clean, classy - note; limited availability in 2023

Prime 1bis
Elegant, very clean - limited availability in 2023. Longer lead times and must be quoted. Prices have risen for this material

Rustic A
Urban chic, our best seller

Rustic B
Good looking

Rustic C
Lots of character


Curve 10 features a 10 board modular system covering almost 4 square meters (40 square feet). Our primary species is Oak in various grades, but other species such as American Walnut or Ash can be quoted. Curve 10 is 16 mm (5/8’’) thick including a 4 mm (0.16’’) wear layer and has tongue and groove on all four sides plus bevel on 2 long sides. Our stunning product features 1.9 meter long boards (6 feet) which come in variable widths between 190 and 270 mm (7.9” – 10.6”).

Grade Definitions

Oak Quality of our two-layer boards is based on: PN-EN 13489

Grade Definitions

RAB consists of 40% RA and 60% RB, no sapwood -the best seller!
RBC is 60% RB and 40% RC.

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